Vegetarian + Vegan Guide to Tokyo!

Let's be honest. You're reading this because you're currently in Tokyo and you're starving.... :) 

I'm here to help you so I will keep it short and sweet. Here are some great places to eat Vegetarian or Vegan in Toyko! Happy Eatinnggg!

1. Afuri (Bring Cash, Open Late, VEGAN Ramen)

You bring cash and order at the vending machine. There are several locations across Tokyo and it is open until 5 AM, so it's a great Vegan option, as most of the late night ramen places don't even have a veggie option. It is SO good.

2. T's Tan Tan in Tokyo Station

You'll have to buy a train ticket to access, but hands down the best vegan I have ever had. This restaurant is 100% vegan, so everything on the menu is VEGAN! This is almost impossible to find in Tokyo, so enjoy it :) Amazing and friendly staff btw. 

3. Nagi Shokudo

100% vegan! There might be a line-up, so go early to avoid waiting. Delicious traditional Japanese food. Not many locals, at least when we were there. This is the best "traditional" Japanese vegan food we had in Tokyo. 

4. Ain Soph. Journey Shinjuku

Try to make a reservation in advance, or else it is unlikely you'll get in! Nonetheless, 100% vegan. There are mixed reviews about this place, but all in all, it was a good experience! 

5. Ripple (Ain Soph)

VEGAN BURGERS! One week into your Japan trip, this is going to be all you think about, VEGAN BURGERS! We waited in line for 2 hours, worth it. Go!! Located in a cool area as well. 

Have anything else to add?! Pleasee comment below and let's help out our fellow vegetarians + vegans. 

P.S. There is also a Shake Shack which has veggie burgers, if things get desperate. 

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