My Current Skincare Routine

My Current Skincare Routine

Not going to lie, I drank the Glossier coolaid.

Firstly, I am going to suggest everyone and their dog to get a silk pillow case. It has helped improve my skin SO much and it makes your hair luscious and perfect, so you wake up looking like a princess.

This is the most inexpensive silk pillowcase I could find: 

If you want to go all out like me, invest in silk sheets as well: 

Now, onto the exciting things in life....perfect pink packaging.

So a friend suggested that I start using glossier, and I really have not looked back since. I literally went all out and bought their entire skincare line. So, here is my review.

If you're going to do this, buy the whole set. I am so sick of mixing and matching, so decided getting the whole set is the way to go:

I love the cleanser because it actually leaves your face feeling soft and cleannnn . I don't like using cream cleansers because my face then doesn't feel clean, and I don't love gel cleansers because they are sooo drying. This cleanser is a good in-between. 

The moisturizer is also so light and airy and doesn't make your skin greasy. Win, win! 

Around the same time that I was making this order, the solution came out. I tried it and literally died. This is seriously a game changer. Move over everything else on your bathroom counter and replace it with this. It gave my skin LIFE. 

I also bought the shower set and I am super happy with it so far. While I wouldn't call this a glossier essential, it is still nice to have. 

Now, onto my favourite part. MASKS

The mask duo is perfect. I start off with the cleansing one and finish off with the moisturizing mask. = HEAVEN ON MY FACE. I like how they come in tubs because they can last you a longggg time. Unlike sheet masks, that I am kind of getting sick of currently. 

Honestly, I've felt so lost in a sea of products lately, and Glossier is just so easy. I love how everything comes in sets and voilaaa, you have your skincare routine. 




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