Bulb Goals with Sengled.

Let's talk about #BulbGoals...


Did you know that you can get light bulbs that PLAY MUSIC?! I was completely blown away when I heard about this and I STILL AM! I can't believe my ears. The best part is, Sengled Pulse Bulbs (http://bit.ly/2vdl3WA) are super easy to install, you just put them in as you would regular light bulbs AND they have high-quality JBL speakers in them. Talk about #BulbGoals... 

In fact, you can sync up to eight bulbs and voila, you've got surround sound baby!! The Pulse Starter Kit includes one master bulb and one satellite bulb, so for a tiny apartment like mine, I am ready to rock-and-roll. (Figuratively and literally). 


20170827_071938690_iOS 1.jpg

But it doesn't stop there, sengled also creates some other goodies are mind blowing and truly leading edge. For example, the world’s most-affordable smart lighting system. The Element Plus light bulb (http://bit.ly/2veoFI5). This system allows you to control your lights from an app on your phone, change the colour of them, put your lights on a schedule, it even has a setting that mimics that sun rising so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Oh, and did I mention they are ALL eco-friendly bulbs?  (P.S. If you forget to turn your lights off, you can do that from the app too). Basically, this is the future people!! 

20170827_071937570_iOS 1.jpg


Last but not least, they even have a bulb that slowly dims after you turn it off. (No more tripping your way into bed). The Twilight is only $8.99, helllooo!!! (http://bit.ly/2w3ctIx)

Long story short, I'm BLOWN AWAY by these options and Sengled, you have my heart. Thanks for making technology affordable, eco-friendly and easy to use! 

Have you tried these? Let me know below! #BulbGoals. This post was created in partnership with Sengled.