Passio: Helsinki Fine Dining

Passio: Helsinki Fine Dining

Passio: Keittiö Baari || The Helsinki food scene is not one to be missed. From delicious ramen restaurants to the casual bar scene, all the way to fine dining experiences, I was blown away of the tastes of Helsinki. 

Passio our first stop in Helsinki and after a five-course meal, we were absolutely BLOWN away by the hospitality and, of course, the food itself! Here's a look behind the scenes of our dining experience at Passio

Firstly, it was an easy find, off of the main drag of Helsinki. The decor is modern and inviting, with no danger of seeming to stuffy for a delicious dining experience. 

Enough of my words, I'll let the food do the talking. Can't you just taste it? 

I think I will now move into purely food photography after seeing these photos, doesn't the food look amazing?! 

Make sure your stop at Passio next time you're in Helsinki! Where is your favourite place to eat in Helsinki? Comment below!