The Truth About Instagram

Why I Almost Deleted My Instagram And Why I'm Glad I Didn't

Let me just start by saying I've had just about enough. When I started blogging and instagramming more frequently, I thought that my life was butterflies, rainbows and puppies. Everyone loved everyone and everything was peachy. I'd been blogging / instagramming for quite some time, so it wasn't like one day I just decided to start a blog. (I have been blogging since 2013 when I documented my life living in Lille, France). As for Instagram, I'd been going steady for several years, working with creatives, designing products, starting clothing companies and of course, taking photos. 

So, here I was, living in my dream world. Growing my blog, my Instagram, going to events, meeting people, people who I liked, who I thought were amazing creatives and who I supported in every way that I could. Then there are a chain of events that changed everything.

In early March, I posted a photo on my Instagram story. It had a bit of a backlash and within minutes I have dozen of nasty DM's from women.

I was insulted.

They didn't know the back story.

They don't know me.

They don't even understand my sense of humour. 

I felt devastated. AND I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! 

I quickly made my profile private and felt that it was time to retire from my blog and gram and move on with my life. Even though, Instagram had brought so many wonderful people and places into my life, I hated the feeling of always having my life out there for others to judge and critique.

I went through a 3 day period of toying with what to do. Should I throw in the towel? Should I give up? 

I had to completely change my mindset or I would NEVER survive in this cut throat industry. 

I re-activated my business profile, went public again and ultimately planned to take over the world.

Now, let's be clear here, I am not the nicest, most pleasant person in the world. (WHO IS?!?!?) And I'm going to try and stay positive here, because again, I've met some incredible people through Instagram, actually most of my good friends now, I've meet through the App. But I've met a lot of people who are 1. Not nice people. 2. Will do anything for a dollar. 3. Don't have their hearts in the right place.

These are the people who will never lift you up, never encourage you or include you, and will never sacrifice anything for you. These are the people who will block you, unfriend you and talk behind your back, over what? Instagram? AN APP?! Over an app, people have blocked me. Amazingly enough, again, another time that I felt defeated and hurt by people that I thought were my friends. Luckily, I have better things to worry about and all in all it has made me a stronger person but. I wanted to share this, because I'm assuming that other people went through or are going through the exact.same.thing!!!!!

Alas, this is what I have learnt.

Through these experiences, my life has only improved. Firstly, it has weeded out bad people from my life, it has allowed me to focus on positive people and it has allowed me to grow as a person.

Now, I am so happy that I have never given in to these bullies. I have never cut them down for self gain. I have never thrown names under the bus just to get ahead and I will never do that. I have come back better and stronger. I have channeled all of that effort into my blog and my Instagram and nourishing the current relationships I have in my life. 

So if you take anything away from this rambling, I just want to remind all of my readers to never give up. Don't let people take your shine away from you. Keep pushing. But, mostly, I'd like to remind you all to please, be nice to one another. The amount of rude comments I see on Instagram, the amount of gossiping I hear behind peoples backs, it needs to change, we need to be better than this.

Lift each other up. Support other women. Stop, take a moment and put yourself in someone else's shoes.

That's all for today.