Everyday for me is constant wanderlust. What gets me through it, is following the journey of talented bloggers sharing their photos and stories via Instagram. (Thank you Instagram!). I actually have a travel Instagram full of inspiring photos from amazing travellers around the world and I run a Facebook group dedicated to sharing travel tips and tricks. #Worldwidevibes. Join here if you're interested. 

Here are 5 of my favourite travel bloggers this week! *Books a one way flight and never returns*

1.  @lescolonnesdesarah

Warning: Her Instagram will make you want to quit your job and travel the world. 

2. @andreiamoutinho

*BRB PACKING MY BAGS* // Also, I need all your outfits.

3. @jetsetchristina

Serious wanderlust setting in now. 

4. @kyraweston

Kyra Weston, are you even REAL?!?! You're photos are making my life lately. *Prints them all off and pretends I'm in the Maldives*

5. @frangeandsand

I love the soft tones in all of her photos. But seriously, I'm not planning a vacation to everywhere in Europe. BRB.

Thanks love to tuning in. I hope that these accounts inspire you to travel, seek adventure and live your wildest dreams. 

If you or an account you follow would like to be featured in next weeks #TravelTuesday, comment below!