Jenna Matthews

The World's Best Avocado Toast

Jenna Matthews
The World's Best Avocado Toast

I finally found it.

After days, months and years of searching, I finally found it. Congratulations, Westward Seattle, you are officially the home of... THE WORLD'S BEST AVOCADO TOAST.

But it doesn't stop there. 

First of all... this rustic, yet trendy restaurant rests upon the shores of Lake Union, overlooking the skyscrapers of downtown Seattle. So if you're a view person like me, you're in the right spot.

You can also arrive via boat, canoe, paddle board (I actually saw this... someone paddle boarded to BRUNCH in a SUIT) or via a more traditional method, like an Uber. (There is also ample parking)

 *for both boat, canoe, paddle boat or vehicle*

Let's get down to the importance stuff...

The drinks. We were greeted upon arrival with delicious Mimosas, freshly brewed coffee and of course, a freshly baked pastry. (See below).


Please stop drooling on your keyboard. (THIS WAS THE PASTRY!!!) Most restaurant serve day old bread as a starter, Westward serves THIS. Need I say more? 

So before we get into the details, I must say that our server at Westward was absolutely phenomenal. Not only does he have one of the coolest tattoos I've ever seen (A pineapple skull people...!!!!! SO COOL), he also has traveled the world and his food knowledge was outta this WORLD! Thanks Jason, you rock!

Next up, Wood Oven Baked Gigante Beans (Try saying that 10 times fast...) 

Delicious, nutritious and I've never tried anything so full of flavour in my life. 

Now, let's talk about the toast..

 (My face... and shirt, say it ALL)

Westward's delicious spin on traditional Avocado Toast that everyone seems to be doing these days, completely blows all competition out of the water. A mix of perfectly scrambled eggs, pickled chilis and creme fraiche. 

This is a must see spot in Seattle and they specialize in much more than just brunch. We didn't stop talking about this place and I am STILL dreaming of the toast. 

Keep scrolling to check out more delicious food we enjoyed. (We literally ate everything on the menu). 

Thanks for reading loves. Check out Westward! 

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