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Favourite Products of 2017

Jenna Matthews1 Comment
Favourite Products of 2017

Hiii loves!

This is it. The last blog post of 2017. I'm going to be changing everything up in 2018, so stay tuneddd. 

In the meantime, I just wanted to highlight some of my favourite brands and dive a little bit deeper about why I support this brand! This is not an ad, just my opinion. 

1. Vegan Protein by Super Human Strength.

I've been trying to transition to using more organic and vegan products, so getting a vegan protein was a great start on this journey! I really like the texture of this protein and it tastes delicious! My mood for 2018 be like....

2. Harper Wilde (Bra)

All I have to say is BLESSSS. Why did it take this long for a company THIS authentic to come along?! Girls, you must check them out. 

3. Blow Dry Spray by Kenra

I'm super picky about hair products, but this one has stolen my HEART! Super great price, and a great product. 

4. Bare Skin Bar

I'm literally bathing in this as I type this. Need I say more? Check them OUT! #CanadianMadeBABY! 

5. Berg and Betts Watches

Ethically sourced leather, SUPER cute design. This is great for daily wear. Another CANADIAN TOO! 

6. Original Human Face Serum

This is one of my essentials. LOVE this company and really understand their mission. I highly recommend these serums! And the owners are awesome! :) 

7. 3PM by The Health Lab

I literally fainted when I tried this. IT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. And yes, they are all the way from Aus and SOOOO worth the wait. I literally cannot stress how good these are. 

8. Dr Roebucks EVERYTHING

Promo code: JAYFBABBY15. I really love this company and love how the products are just SIMPLE. 

9. Pre-workout by WM Nutrition

This is a really cool little company, I love their pre-workout because it doesn't make me all shakey! 

10. Jowissa Watches

Whenever I'm feeling a bit fancy, this is my go-to watch! It has a reallyyyy cool face :) 

11. Cocoa Brown Self Tanner

I'm a sucker for self tanner and this one does the trick! This one is great for full body in summer.

12. COOLA TAN!!!!!

This company is seriously LEGENDARY and I use this sunless tan face serum every morning. It seriously as transformed my skin to this beautiful island tan. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

Well fam, that is IT, that is ALL! 

Ciao for now.