Two Blondes in a BIG ever changing world.

Two Blondes in a BIG ever changing world.

Upon finishing my degree in International Relations and Political Science, I worked a few jobs in digital marketing before finally finding my home base in social media, branding… and all that jazz. It was October 2016 when I started freelancing almost full time, and while I was super busy, business was booming and I should have never felt happier – I for SURE had a mini void inside of me. I had no one to share my entrepreneur questions with, no one to collaboratively brainstorm with, no one who realllyyy related to what I was doing.

That’s when the power of social media really worked in my favour and the lovely Instagram app introduced me to my now, best friend and boss babe partner in almost everything I do. From blogging, to freelancing marketing, to writing brand books, to taking photos, there’s little I do without first consulting the magical @almostffamous.

Now you’re reading that and you might be asking – “Yes Jenna, I get it, but why is that important to meee?!?!”.



Well, I’m here to tell you why it’s VERY important.


You might have a boyfriend, a husband, a tight group of friends. And sure – I’m sure they all celebrate your successes with you and support you, but can they really relate? Having someone you can depend on and relate to for every aspect of your life is SO important. And I feel so lucky to have found a best friend who can go to a party with me, but also get down to business and write 300 Facebook Ads with me on a Saturday afternoon.



Women supporting women. Everyday. 24/7. 365. Let’s celebrate us. So when I first heard about Paris Jewellers being ran by two talented Canadian ladies, I knew that I would fall in love with this company. Not only is it Canadian, but the fact that the key leaders in the company are female really sets it apart for me. As I said, Women supporting women!


Rachel and I personify this more than anything. We hustle for each other, we refer each other to clients that would be the perfect match, we collaborate, I mean realllyy collaborate, and at the end of the day we can discuss our digital marketing mishaps over wine and cheese. I’m so excited that we are celebrating our friendship with a dainty silver bracelet that really reflects who we each are. It’s a daily reminder that I have support. That I have a friend. That I although I am an independent woman, I have someone to turn to for all of my questions and most importantly, someone who will celebrate my success with me!


Cheers to boss babes everywhere. I hope you find your person. And I hope they lift you up and help you thrive. Grow. Prosper. Whether I’m heading to brunch, or into a board meeting, I know that my dainty heart bracelet will go perfectly with any of my outfits AND you can get them engraved at any of the Paris Jewellers locations in Calgary! (Market Mall, North Hill Shopping Centre and Sunridge Mall!)


Thanks for your friendship, Rachel! Here’s to celebrating with Paris Jewellers friendship bracelets.