Girls Day at The CORE | Stampede Edition

Girls Day at The CORE | Stampede Edition

Yeehawww, it’s that time of year again in #YYC. Everyone’s favourite, the one and only.... Cowboys tent, I mean, the Calgary Stampede.  

Stampede prep was made easy this year thanks to The CORE! From the cowboys pop-up, to Simons, to Chatters blow outs, me and Rachel had the best day getting ready for our stampede adventures. 

Here’s a glimpse at our girls day! 

1. Cowboys Pop-Up

Cowboys is hosting the ultimate pop-up at The CORE during stampede, from line dancing lessons, live music to Cowboys swag, they’ve got you covered for all of your Stampede needs. Every lunch hour from 12-1 they have a concert series as well!




Lookkk at this Cowboys swag!! 

Lookkk at this Cowboys swag!! 

2. Cafe Eve at Simons


I loveee a good café. Rachel and I finished up at the Cowboys pop up and headed to Café Eve for lunch before our personal shopping session! We had the bestttt grilled cheese sandwiches ever, amazing customer service, and it’s a little oasis in the heart of downtown.  

 3. Maison Simons Personal Shopping Experience 

Outfit time!!!! I always find it so stressful to find the perfect outfit for Stampede! Thank goodness for the personal shopping session, where they pulled 10-20 perfect outfits for me and Rachel to try on. It was such a great experience, I don’t think I can ever shop normally again, haha! We had our own little private room and I found WAY to many perfect outfits.  



Outfit goals! #Stampede2018


4. Chatters Blow Outs  

After our amazing shopping experience, and spending maybe wayyyy too much money, we headed to Chatters for blow outs! I had actually neverrrr had a blow out before so I didn’t even know what to expect! I was sooo in love with the experience, and from a girl who doesn’t even blow dry her hair, I could really use this service. 😂❤️ 



 5. Wrap up and coffee at Café Eve

 After a long but successful day, we headed back to Café Eve for some coffee and catch up time. Also, we planned all of our stampede festivities. 

What an amazing day at The CORE!  

The countdown is on for stampede, are you ready?!